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Do you know that you can order your favourite Indian foods from Tamarind with just a few tabs? Wondering how? You can do this by downloading our all-new mobile app on your device by clicking the link below. Install, Order and relish piping hot foods delivered to your table.

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Do you have a taste for the flavours of India, but you are not great at making it home? Look no further, Tamarind Cannock is here to serve you the best Indian food around. We serve authentic Indian cuisine in a lavishly great ambience. When you place an order, expect it to be fulfilled as fast as possible.

Whether it's an office party or a birthday dinner, we have designed our experiences with special thought to every detail to ensure that your dinner turns out exactly the way you dreamt it to be, we promise to create new and wonderful memories for you with the most intimate and passionate ambience. We promise you will cherish each moment.

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